About Us

About Us

Even the best paint or protective coating offers no protection against corrosion, once rust has started eating the metal inside. In this respect, a proper surface preparation is just as important as the surface treatment. By applying the surface cleaning method Abrasive blasting it is possible to remove rust spots, scale, remainders of oxide or paint films and other deposits. Using the process adopted by us, clean to metal surface can be obtained, providing a perfect base for subsequent treatment.

Our company is equipped with the infrastructure necessary to ensure perfect workmanship, and has a staff of well-trained and experienced professionals.The continuing education of our colleagues helps us safeguard that the quality of our work never should fail to meet our customers’ expectations


It is our mission to build up a sound business relationship on the basis of reliable work at moderate rates executed with in the specified time schedule.


  • Surface Profile Test
  • SSPC PA2 DFT Test
  • Salt Contamination Test
  • Low Voltage Holiday Test
  • High Voltage Holiday Test
  • Pull off Test for Adhesion